High quality Aquaculture Equipment

We are partners with world leading experts in different scientific fields to apply breakthrough technological developments to aquaculture and marine industries. Our focus is to provide a professional and quality service in every corner of the fish farming industry in Iceland.

The AQ line, the next generation of sensors

ANB Sensors

ANB Sensors, is a leading technology company in the UK that has developed revolutionary meters for pH, conductivity, temperature and salinity. These innovative and revolutionary gauges require no calibration, operate at depths of up to 50 meters in fresh or salt water, are extremely rugged and have an exceptionally low maintenance cost, making them extremely suitable for long-term, cost-effective remote monitoring in harsh and demanding environments. They can be stored wet or dry, and they require little maintenance.

This new technology avoids the traditional problems that belonged to the old technology, frequent manual calibrations that take time and are fragile.