OXYnor optical oxygen sensor

The high-runner in Norway for the Aqua segment is the OXYnor optical oxygen sensor.

This highly accurate and rugged sensor can be delivered in multiplate variants depending on application and customer demands.

The OXYnor is a single channel module for measuring oxygen and temperature. It consists of a phase detection board for luminescence detection integrated in a 12 mm stainless steel fitting.

The small outer dimensions and low power consumption enable a simple integration into custom monitoring & control systems.

As a digital interface it uses RS-485 Modbus RTU (option RS-485 ASCII proprietary). A serial communication protocol is offered for data exchange between a PC or another host unit and the OXYnor Unit.


• Simple integration (12 mm steel fitting) or POM housing
• Low power consumption
• Luminescence lifetime detection via a precise phase detection board
• No oxygen consumption, no need for flow to measure
• Measure in any position, also horizontal and upside down