Waterproof and shock resistant, functional and easy to use:

Simultaneus viewing of:

  • Dissolved oxygen level in ppm and in % of saturation
  • Temperature  in C°
  • PH (optional)

Technical features

  • Data transmission to the internet database
  • Rechargeable battery with wireless technology
  • Measurements storage
  • RFID tag detector


  • Dimensions 130x80x35 mm
  • Waterproof IP67


  • Reliable concentration value using optical measuring process
  • Dimensions: diameter 22mm lenght 150mm
  • Mechanical protection of the membrane to avoid damage

NEON Portable DO Meter

NEON by Aqualabo is a portable digital dissolved oxygen meter used for measuring water quality in a variety of settings. NEON is able to measure DO in both percent saturation (%Sat) and mg/L, allowing you to get the precise data you need. The data logging feature allows for up to 3000 data points to be stored in punctual or automatic modes, providing a comprehensive picture of water quality over time.

Thanks to its cable less WiFi connectivity, data transfer is easy and efficient, allowing for analysis and quick data sharing. Whether working in the field or the lab, NEON’s portability makes it an excellent choice for monitoring dissolved oxygen levels in a wide range of environments.


  • Low maintenance digital sensor technology
  • Dual mode data-logging
  • Data download with wireless WiFi connectivity
  • Pre-amplification integration – resistant to electrical interferences
  • Robust IP67 waterproof handheld device

Aqualabo DIGISENS Digital Water Quality Sensors

Aqualabo water quality sensors are designed for portable or dedicated applications where water quality parameters are being monitored. Aqualabo DIGISENS digital sensors are compact, rugged and light. They are made of stainless steel or PVC materials for portable or stationary use in the harshest environments. Select from either one or multiple sensor parameters based on application – then select reporting options for either real-time readings or remote data telemetry access.

Instrument packages include:

  • PHEHT Digital pH, ORP & Temperature
  • EHAN Digital ORP & Temperature
  • C4E Digital Conductivity, Salinity & Temperature
  • CTZN Inductive Conductivity, Salinity & Temperature
  • OPTOD Optical Dissolved Oxygen (DO)
  • NTU Digital Turbidity
  • MES5/VB5 Suspended Solid, Sludge Blanket, and Turbidity
  • StacSense UV Optical Dissolved Organic Compounds