Why is ANB Unique?

ANB sensors have developed a cost effective, smart, self-calibrating, low maintenance pH sensor for use across all sensing platforms, including ocean monitoring and water resource management, that can be networked for use in the Internet of Things (IOT) and with operating costs 70% less than existing sensors.


Unlike other pH sensors that need frequent re-calibration, ANB’s patented technology means that the sensor is calibrated in-situ without the need for manual intervention. This means a massive reduction in operating costs.


Solid state pH sensors can fit on any vehicle or sonde and can retrofit into the reference chamber of any glass electrode.

Smart & Robust:

A solid state pH sensor that can be stored wet or dry without any degradation of performance

OXYnor optical oxygen sensor

The high-runner in Norway for the Aqua segment is the OXYnor optical oxygen sensor.

This highly accurate and rugged sensor can be delivered in multiplate variants depending on application and customer demands.

The OXYnor is a single channel module for measuring oxygen and temperature. It consists of a phase detection board for luminescence detection integrated in a 12 mm stainless steel fitting.

The small outer dimensions and low power consumption enable a simple integration into custom monitoring & control systems.

As a digital interface it uses RS-485 Modbus RTU (option RS-485 ASCII proprietary). A serial communication protocol is offered for data exchange between a PC or another host unit and the OXYnor Unit.


• Simple integration (12 mm steel fitting) or POM housing
• Low power consumption
• Luminescence lifetime detection via a precise phase detection board
• No oxygen consumption, no need for flow to measure
• Measure in any position, also horizontal and upside down

Why choose an Easy Probe?

Reliability. Eureka multiprobes are so well suited for demanding field conditions that Eureka is the only manufacturer providing a three-year warranty – that includes all sensors.

Superior sensors mean you can stand behind your data.

Fitness for Purpose. Eureka uses the best sensors available and materials that stand up to all field conditions. Eureka multiprobe operation and construction has been tested in thousands of demanding applications.

Lifetime Cost. Not only does the “EasyProbe” have a highly competitive purchase price, but it also has the lowest maintenance costs in the industry.

Service After Sale. If you run into a problem, Eureka Customer Support responds immediately to emails and phone calls and does not rest until your problem is solved.

Ease of Use. “EasyProbes” are easy to calibrate and deploy. Our hallmark is simple intuitive software you can walk yourself through in just a few minutes. You will not need a manual to learn the software features. Ions that Eureka is the only manufacturer providing a three-year warranty – that includes all sensors.


The Tecnos optical probe is used for the optical measure of oxygen in pure and process waters. The principle of measurement is based on the effect of dynamic luminescence quenching by molecular oxygen.
Features and benefits

  • Reliable concentration measurement using optical measuring process
  • Dynamic luminescence measuring method
  • Black rigid PVC sensor body
  • Interchangeable cap for luminophore’s replacement
  • No mechanically moving parts
  • Immediate installation and easy maintenance
  • Ability to set salinity and barometric pressure fot the compensation of the oxygen value

Oxygen Galvanic probe

This probe has been specifically projected for the fish farming Sector and it is now used in some thousand of units.

The probes are nowadays used almost for monitoring and automatic oxygen control in fish farming tanks, for which the probe has been specifically studied. Due to its robustness, easy maintenance and installation required in aquaculture, the probe has the following characteristics.

Technical details:

External parts totally in synthetic material.
Easy and economic replacement of the membrane which is changed only in case of its mechanical damages.
Device for membrane mechanical protection.
High flexibility in the installation: connection of the probe to the control cabinet through a bipolar cable covering a distance of 200 mt.
The oxygen measurement can be made at different temperatures as long these is an auto-compensation circuit of the temperature composed by a sensor and electronic circuit inside the probe itself.

Diameter: 40 mm, Length: 80 mm
Weight: 250 gr including 3 mt cables (other dimensions only on request)